Monday Mission!

1. If I could guarantee that the Fashion Police would not lay the smackdown on you, which favorite out-of-style article of clothing do you wish you could wear right now? (and if you have photos of you wearing it, post ’em)
I have no idea. I am so clueless when it comes to fashion… I do think bellbottoms are kind of cool, though.

2. In your opinion, who is famous but shouldn’t be?
*snerk* Anybody on any reality TV show except the Osbournes (who just rock).

3. Are there any new movies or TV shows that you are forward to this fall?
Movies? Duh. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Knockaround Guys. Boo-yah!

4. If you had a time machine that you could use only one time (there and back), where would you go and what would you do?
Hard choice!!! I’d either go back to the 17th century to hang with Rochester or to the turn of the century to meet Oscar Wilde.

5. What cologne of perfume do you like to wear? Which brand do you prefer that your partner wear?
I don’t wear perfume, and I’m not all that into specific brands on my guys. Barishnakov is a nice scent, though.

6. Do you recall your first “French kiss?” Tell me about how that felt, and how it came about. Do you like them?
Of course I do. It was tres kewl, but if you don’t already know about it I’m not gonna tell you. :) And yes, I like ’em, with the right guy.

7. Excluding your partner…If you had the opportunity, who would you most like to Frech kiss?
Oo! Whomever I’m obsessed with. At the moment I’m in transition from Matthew Lilliard to Vin Diesel, so… yeah. Can I have both?

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