Another Year Gone? Sheesh…

Wow, here comes 2003. The third anniversary of my time with The Red Pages. My 25th year (well, starting in March if you want to be fussy about it). The second year of the new millenium.


Not much else I can say. Got my death pool signup over at Amish Tech Support.

Ah! Good way to end the year: a pic of me I actually like. Not many of these…

Me, Dec. 2002

That was taken by my friend Kay at a nifty Throwing Toasters performance some friends of mine and I went to. Whee!

Happy New Year, folks! Be safe and see you in 2003.

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4 Responses to Another Year Gone? Sheesh…

  1. Cathryn says:

    That is a lovely picture, Ealasaid. Isn’t it nice when pictures of ourselves that we like happen?

  2. Ith says:

    Good luck in the Death Pool!

  3. Ith says:

    Cathryn: thanks! Yes, yes it is. :)Ith: thanks, and the same to you! :)
    Oh, I’m not participating [g] A little too morbid for me. But I’m following the competition. I can be your flag waver!

  4. Ith says:

    Sounds good to me, Ith! :) Great, now I gotta design a flag for you to wave… ;)
    It’ll probably have Pip on it, won’t it???