The last post about that damn computer, honest.

Live and learn.

The computer at work is back on track. Turns out I didn’t do the format right – you gotta delete the partitions first, then format.

At any rate, it is now working, so I can stop fussing with it and boring my readers with posts about it! Rah!

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3 Responses to The last post about that damn computer, honest.

  1. Yog Sothoth says:

    A-yep. It could be a good idea to remove the partitions first. Can’t count how many times I forget to do that (don’t have enough fingers and toes).

  2. Ealasaid says:

    Hee! Thanks, Yog Sothoth. I feel better now. ;)

  3. T.J. Coffin says:

    This DMN computer! This DAMN computer! This DAMN computer! I cant turn it on without it reezing! And when I ever use it without it freezing, it freezes the split second I’m turning it off! Perfect timing! And when I send a LONG email, it freezes the SPLIT SECOND I push send, so I have to do it all over again. By the way, when it freezes, you cant shut it down, you have to just turn it off, which breaks it even further and makes it freeze agian the next time! It’s a never-ending cycle! And then the fucking thing cuts me off whenever I’m on IM! And when I’m on the internet and I sign off, sometimes it takes about 15 minutes to sign off. I figure since all I have to do was wait, I’ll leave the room until it signs off, and then my dad throws these tantrums that he never stopped after the age of 2, “You’re so irresponsible! Don’t ever leave the room without making sure that the computer is signed off!!” Everybody tells me to be so carefull with this computer. I feel like carefully taking this piece of junk apart, and carefully sawing every little piece in perfect, pesky little halfs!!!!!!! The piece of fuck! I HATE it! I HATE it! GODDAMN THIS COMPUTER! Just remember this if you are planning on getting a new computer: GATEWAY HAS CRACKPOTS!