Easy as fallin’ off a log.

Daaaaaaaaaang! My “bloglinks” folder is getting really overburdened. I gotta go back to posting links regularly. It’s easier than real content, too, which is a bonus since I’m so busy. ;-)

Here we go!

Real-Threat.com – this is great. A site to remind us what we should really be scared of. (From Hedtke)

American Military Operation Name Generating Device – hilarious! I like “Operation Storming Gorgon” and “Operation Tempermental Djin”. Also “Operation Nerve-Wracking Boyfriend.” Hee. (from Dad)

The warmonger and the peacenik – very snarky “dialog” between two stereotypes. I found it hilarious. Not sure where I stumbled across it, but it’s cool.

Thank you, President Bush – a thank you letter to the Shrub from Paul Coelho. SOOOOOOOOOOO sarcastic.

Singing horses – great toy. From Hedtke)

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3 Responses to Easy as fallin’ off a log.

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the link to opendemocracy.net. It’s a great site with lots of interesting things to read though I would argue with the statement “From the world’s most popular novelist, Paulo Coelho…” since I’ve never heard of him or any of his books. ;)

  2. Ealasaid says:

    I hear you there, man. I’ve never heard of him either. Maybe it was meant as a joke?
    ‘s a good letter, though. Heh.

  3. Guy says:

    If you follow the link to “Paulo Coelho” in that page, you find this:
    Paulo Coelho, author of The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist, is the world