Dood, I have way too many new links I find that I want to share every day. Seriously. I have half a dozen windows open right now with sites I think y’all might like, and over 200 messages in my “Bloglinks” folder.

This cannot go on! ARGH!

*pant pant*

Here are today’s links.

The guys at Mondo have a totally sick sense of humor, but are really cool. I love their seasonal stuff… at least, when I’m in a mood to watch cutsie animals die messily. :) Oh, and the God and Devil Show totally rules.

The Audi-Oh is a potentially revolutionary product. I mean, imagine if you took your iPod and hooked it up to a vibrator!

I’m tempted to get a Hello Jesus shirt or something. I really am.

This takes on two things that really piss me off: Iraq and Reality TV. I knew there was a reason I loved The Onion.

Great Tshirts here. Check ’em out. I like: Hellfire and Dalmations, Newton’s First Law, Men make the strangest requests!, Sorry! I’m not Loser Friendly!, and Pre-Minstrel Syndrome.

next time someone demands to know how “The Two Towers” film is different from the book, I’ll send ’em here.

I’m a stacker, not a slacker. Yay!

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