I’m a geek!

Took the Geek Test and got 50.29586% – Super Geek. w00t!

On a side note, check out The Guy’s Guide To Geek Girls, which is pretty durn accurate in my case (except that I don’t program and do, in fact, love receiving flowers).

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4 Responses to I’m a geek!

  1. Fred says:

    29.78304% – Total Geek
    I guess I’m not so bad, considering what I could have ranked…

  2. Dwyer says:

    Ealasaid got all those bonus points for being female… :)
    I turned out to be just a regular geek.

  3. Antwon says:

    39.44773% – Major Geek
    Not bad, considering that I don’t do roleplaying at all and am quite possibly the least well-read person ever.

  4. Ealasaid says:

    You said it, Fred. Considering your past, I’m surprised you didn’t rank down in the teens. ;)
    But of course, Dwyer! We geek girls have to fight societal pressures to get our geek points. :)
    Wow, Twon, you got that without D&D or reading up on geeky lit? You go! ;)