I made it to Aikido again last night, finally. Hurrah!

I’d almost forgotten how relaxing it is to train. Not that I got a lot of training in, mind you – it was testing night, so we did a couple techniques, watched a couple tests, did a couple techniques, watched a couple tests… I’m popping ibuprofen like a fiend today from sitting cross-legged for so long. Sheesh.

Still, it was very cool. Next time I’m whining to myself about how hard it is to make time for Aikido, my mantra shall be, “it’s worth it.”

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4 Responses to Aikido

  1. Congrats. Ain’t no treat grander than coming home from randori and feeling as if nothing could touch you.

  2. Ealasaid says:

    You said it, Jonas. No randori for me this week, thank heavens. I’m still in that “haven’t trained for a while, not entirely steady yet” stage. :)

  3. At least you motivated me to go and get my membership renewed :). Does the “no randori” leave time for you to pick up a certain movie which I am holding right here?