Weirdness from my trip

I’m hoping some of y’all can help me with this.

I want to identify the weird orangy fruit with the dried leafy things around it in the fruit plate (it’s by a blackberry). I also want to identify the little red berries in the second picture – they were growing by the side of the road down the Washington and Oregon coast, but were TEENY! like, the size of a pencil eraser. Are they cranberries? I thought cranberries were bigger?
Any help from my wonderful readers would be much appreciated.

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4 Responses to Weirdness from my trip

  1. Dadster says:

    First one is a choke cherry:
    Cranberries grow as a shrub in a bog, and are dark red, not that bright.

  2. Dadster -- take two says:

    GROUND cherry.

  3. Elke Sisco says:

    I know the ground cherry as a Cape gooseberry.
    The red ones look like what I know as “Vogelbeeren”, “bird berries”, which my dictionary translates as rowan berries.

  4. Raven Firestorm says:

    My mom and her friends used to freak out her parents by stumbling in with a handful of those red berries smeared over their entire faces. They look like blood. Careful, though. They stain and one time she had to go to school like that.