Vacation Movies, Day 9

Saw “Closer” tonight (well, last night, as it’s past 12). It was awesome, but kind of a bummer. Okay, REALLY a bummer. People work very hard to mess up their lives, don’t they? I felt that Larry (Clive Owen!) was the one doing that the least. He’s kind of a caveman (as he admits) but at least he’s (1) honest and (2) not constantly lying to or manipulating the people he loves. He only lies/manipulates a little bit. :)

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One Response to Vacation Movies, Day 9

  1. Cathryn says:

    I just saw that last night. The ending made me go, “Buh?” I still haven’t decided if it was cool or annoying.
    I think you’re right about Larry. He’s no more pleasant than the other characters, but he’s very straightforward. No sneaking or hiding or lying for him.
    Oh, I got your cats’ letter. And since they asked so nicely, I promise not to mention how very adorable I thought it was. So I won’t. Mention how adorable I thought it was, I mean.