I’m famous!

Well, sort of.
This morning I read an excerpt from my Johnny Theremin NaNo novel on KFJC 89.7 fm, a local radio station! An MP3 of the event will be posted at http://www.lunacow.com/audio This is part of a series of readings by fellow local NaNoWriMo writers, and you can hear the others’ contributions on the MP3s page too. Spiffy, nu?
It was a lot of fun, and I’m totally stoked. The host of the program, Ann Arbor, was nice and seemed enthused about my story. She thinks we Thereminians should get Neil Gaiman to approve an anthology of Theremin stories! Yikes!

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2 Responses to I’m famous!

  1. Guy says:

    Takeh spiffy! And yes — you Thereminians should totally get Neil to approve.

  2. Silvia says:

    I actually listened to you on my way to work and your story added to my Fahrvergnuegen :-).
    Great Job!