I’m considering rehauling my site – it’s been several years since I weeded out the old bits I no longer use and refurbed the bits I wanted to keep. I’m figuring to delete any section I don’t have a major emotional investment in.
I’m curious what y’all think about that sort of thing. Should one archive things like The OHMIGOD? I mean, they’re not pages I put much effort into. Things like my honors thesis will stay, of course, and my current blogs and whatnot, but most of my fan stuff is way old and out of date.

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5 Responses to Question

  1. MITCH! says:

    I say cleaning house would be a good idea. If your heart isn’t in it anymore, give it the axe. I am hopeful that you will replace whatever you delete with something extra cool.

  2. Michael says:

    Depends on how much space you have on your host. If you have plenty of extra space, just make an archive section and keep the sections you don’t update in the archives. If you are running low on space, dump them. Please, however, make backups before doing anything.

  3. Antwon says:

    I never delete anything ever. (Digital packrat ahoy!) Move items into an archive section and ignore all incoming emails about them, sure, but never _remove_ anything. Space is approximately infinitely cheap, and you never know when a random page you’ve long since forgotten will be _just_ what some random search-engining soul is looking for. :-)

  4. Ealasaid says:

    Well, I do have tons of space. I could always strip the email links off those pages and put them at or something so that the main directory is tidy.
    The downside to that is that then everybody’s links to them (if there are any, anyway) will be broken. Hm.

  5. Antwon says:

    Oh, I meant “move” in the sense of “reorganize your site to have everything you don’t really care about linked from an archives page”, not so much “actually move the files anywhere”. (I, too, deeply loathe moving files and creating 404 errors for the world.)
    There is, of course, the option of moving files to new locations and having the existing URLs redirect to the new spots… but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth – and if I really hated 404s _that_ much, I might as well not move the damn files in the first place.