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OK, lunch is almost over so I gotta post the stuff I have in open windows so I can close them and go to work.

Two awesome posts at Myth & Culture:
A Return to Certainty – an interesting discussion of the recent trend toward conservatism, using the election of the new Pope as a starting point. She discusses the idea of relativism, that all viewpoints are equally valid. Me, I don’t think all viewpoints are equally valid, but I also don’t think that one should dismiss all viewpoints different from one’s own out of hand. I mean, I think the viewpoint that homosexuals are innately evil (one the new Pope appears to hold) to be incredibly ignorant, bigoted, and wrong. It is not, to me, a valid viewpoint. I can understand why one might hold that viewpoint, but I not only disagree, I think it is an unethical viewpoint. But I do think that differeing viewpoints (and differeing cultures) need to be considered carefully and not dismissed out of hand even if you disagree with them. I mean, the people who hold them think they are valid viewpoints, and that’s important to remember.
Myths of Fat Bodies is really neat. She talks about the fear of fat so prevalent in the US and about how the real, underlying cause of unhealthy fatness is our sleep-deprived, malnourished lifestyle. I can believe that.
Aaaaaand, two really neat “Overheard” entries:

A large bearded black man is holding a big white sign that reads: NINJAS KILLED MY FAMILY. I NEED $$ TO LEARN KUNG-FU AND GET REVENGE.

Chick #1: Who the fuck reads books. I mean, books?
Chick #2: I read books, bitch!

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