Star Wars III review up

Well, my review of Episode III is up. Go read it if you want a slightly more detailed (but still largely spoiler-free) version of what I think.

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One Response to Star Wars III review up

  1. Ted says:

    Just wait for the extended version to appear on DVD around, ohhhhh, X-mas this year or next.
    Here’s the kicker – the start of the first movie picks up where episode 25 of the “Clone Wars” ends. Time for episodes 20-25 that lay the foundation of the movie – about 1 hour.
    The studio master of the movie, curiously enough, shows the editing timer at 59 minutes at the start of the movie for a total running time of about 3 hours and 19 minutes. Coincidence? Hmmm – I think not. :-)
    I’d expect the live action versions of episodes 20-25 of the Clone Wars to show up on an extended edition when the extended edition is released, ’cause the cinema release is missing almost an hour of action…
    I’m already chomping at the bit…