Harry Potter

I have posted a long, VERY SPOILERY blurb about the new Harry Potter book in my booklog.
Please comment over there to keep this post spoiler-free. Yeah, the book came out a week ago, but some folks are slow readers. :)

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One Response to Harry Potter

  1. Ted says:

    Heh! I never got into the whole “Harry Potter Mania” thing – I watched and enjoyed the H-Wood flicks, but desite the urgings by my co-workers I’ve never read the books. :-o
    This being said, as I’m not a fan I visited the usual Potter spoiler sites for info. I’m saddened by the outcome of the book as I was disappointed by the circumstances involving two of my fav characters. :-(
    There are a couple of online jokes out there about the latest book that are rather amusing; you can find them at the URIs below if you’re curious.
    Crap I Drew on my Lunchbreak