The only thing I don’t like about RSS feeds

…is that apparently the feeds from LiveJournal don’t include any reference whatsoever to the existance of friendslocked entries. Because of this feature, I have been missing out on a LOT of stuff, apparently.
I see two solutions which will likely never come to pass:

  1. LiveJournal fixes its frickin’ feeds.
  2. LiveJournal changes the way that the Friends page works so that I can use it without wanting to bang my head on my desk

The third possible solution is that the Awesome Perl-Coding bf and I figure out a little perl script to log in as me to LJ, look for friendslocked entries, and then display a page linking to the appropriate journals.
We shall see which solution comes to pass first!

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4 Responses to The only thing I don’t like about RSS feeds

  1. fling93 says:

    There’s an easier solution. Subscribe to the LJ feed thus:
    Where your replace LJUSERNAME with the actual LJ username, of course. Not done yet. Your RSS reader should allow you to specify your credentials, where you can enter your LJ username and password.
    After you do that, this will get your the friendslocked entries.

  2. Ealasaid says:

    Oh, if only that were true. If I plug that in to BlogLines, I don’t get to enter my credentials. It just subscribes me automagically to the public feed.
    I am crushed.
    Suggestions for a better aggregator, anybody?

  3. Manu says:

    What’s wrong with LJ’s Friends page?
    I have no problem with it.
    Well, it used to be annoying with all the communities posts I didn’t really want to read, but I quickly discovered you can use the friends filter to only display your (real) friends posts, or select which group of friends you wanna read.

  4. Ealasaid says:

    Manu –
    I have become hopelessly spoiled by my RSS aggregator, which not only has well-designed framed navigation but keeps track of which posts I’ve read and which I haven’t and only displays unread posts (unless i tell it otherwise).
    The LJ Friends page just jumbles everyone together in one big window, and I have to just read until I recognize a post, rather than being able to see how much new stuff there is as a whole.
    Basically, it’s too simplistic. That’s my problem.