I got to go curling as an offsite from work yesterday. Photos here, courtesy of Earthdog.
Curling is a lot harder than it looks. I only fell down twice, but that was because I was being really, really careful. It’s hard to scamper ahead of a stone and sweep the ice in front of it when the stone is moving at a good clip. It’s also hard to do the weird stone-sliding thing – you have to push off a little footrest stuck in the ice and let go of the stone just right to send it down the ice. Boy howdy.
Today, I’m really sore – my thighs and arms in particular. On the bright side, I didn’t bruise where I fell on the ice. So that’s good. If I had more free time, I would totally join the rookie curling leage. But, as Earthdog said when I mentioned that to him, “when was the last time you actually had any free time?” I gave it some thought and realized that the last time I regularly had any sort of free time (other than the occasional evening set aside for mental health) was in college. Specifically, my freshman year. And, well, technically I had a lot of free time during my semester abroad, but I spent it all learning about my surroundings and reading Terry Pratchett, so it’s not like I didn’t have projects to fill the time that wasn’t spent in class.
Anyway, in conclusion: curling is awesome, but holy crap is it hard.

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2 Responses to Curling!

  1. Enginerd says:

    Dude! So glad you went curling! Ok, so I was reading the comics yesterday and thought of you! It won’t be available for about 2 weeks but the Mutts comic of March 23, 2006 was totally you! It can (in 2 weeks) be found at

  2. Ted says:

    Right on! You’ve been introduced to Canada’s second national sport (the first being hockey and the third being golf).
    Curling is really big up here; being a movie reviewer you may be familiar with the flick “Men with Brooms”. I checked your review blog and couldn’t find it – if you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it, especially now that you’ve been initiated [LOL]).
    Yes, it is actually harder than it looks! The next time, you should try drinking while you’re playing – unless, of course, you guys haven’t caught on to that part Statside yet! [LOL]
    Welcome to the curling fold – I’ll e-mail you the the directions for the secret curling handshake later! [snicker]