Just what I need, another huge project

I’ve taken the dive and started categorizing my music. I’m doing it by shuffling the actual .mp3 files into folders, then I plan to use Tag & Rename to set the genres to the right ones. I’m adding folders as I need ’em, and listening to each song as I decide where it goes. Rawk. This is going to take forever, even if you consider that I don’t have to listen to every song all the way through to know where it goes.
Some songs are really easy, but some are freakin’ hard, man. Consider, for example, Gogol Bordello. I love their stuff (which is available on emusic, and if you aren’t a member there, lemme know so I can send you an invite and get some free downloads myself :) ), but it’s freakin’ impossible to classify. Gypsy? Punk? Caberet? Rock? WTF???? *headdesk*
I may wind up shuffling stuff like that into my long-standing “Weirdness” folder that’s for things I couldn’t figure out how to classify the last time I tried this.
For the interested, here are the genres I have so far:

  • Alternative
  • blues
  • Chanting
  • Classical
  • Comedy
  • Country (I do have a little)
  • Dark Alt (Depeche Mode!)
  • Disco (Red Elvises, mostly)
  • Drumming
  • Folk
  • Geek Rock
  • Gregorian Chnt
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Mashup
  • Nerdcore
  • Parody
  • Pop
  • Punk
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Rock’n’Roll (the classic stuff!)
  • Shakuhachi (Japanese flute music)
  • Ska
  • Spoken
  • Surf ROck
  • Techno
  • Themes (famous movie/soundtrack themes)
  • Trance

So be warned: if I think you know anything about music, I may be pestering you for advice in the next few days/weeks when I run into a tricky track. :)

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4 Responses to Just what I need, another huge project

  1. Dylan says:

    I think “WTF???” should be a category.

  2. Ealasaid says:

    That’s a good idea. Maybe that’s what I’ll call the “Weirdness” category. :D

  3. Dylan says:

    This isn’t related to your post at all, but Dan just emailed me and…
    THERE’S A BABY CHINCHILLA!!!!!! O____________O
    We must go see it. MUST.

  4. jackdaw says:

    Some categories that I have found useful, but you might not:
    Third World Carribean… covers Reggae, Cuban, and Calypso
    Hawaiian/Polynesian, both trad. and “movie music”
    British Folk Rock, and trad.
    Lounge, Mancini, and Cocktail music
    Gypsy and East European folk (polkas could go here, if you have too few for a separate category, along with beer hall oom-pa-pa music)
    Doomed Folkies: Tim Buckley, Phil Ochs, Laura Nyro, Jeff Buckley, Tim Hardin, and ya might as well throw Leonard Cohen in here, even tho he ain’t dead yet.
    Amazing Open Tuning Guitarists: Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Peter Lang, John Renbourn… mostly instrumental, and stunning.
    Ah, Hell, this is all old stuff…and just some of the ways I sort my vinyl LPs.