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I’m liveblogging the Blogger Meetup. Go me. Twon sez: “I’m a loud shut-in!” Rich totally video’d me throwing the horns. I am the current video on his home page. Dunno how long I’ll be there, so go look now! My … Continue reading


Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

Man. This is a depressing book. Good, but depressing. Written in the 90s, it called out plenty of things I could remember from my own adolescence – the incredible pressures girls are under in our society, the way our culture … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Witchcraft

by T. Thorn Coyle This is a surprisingly good first book from Coyle, who is a political activist, musician, performer, and witch. She writes about the Feri tradition of witchcraft, breaking the book into parts corresponding to the directions within … Continue reading

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The Body Sacred

by Dianne Sylvan Another hit from Sylvan. although it’s very Wicca-centric, there’s lots of good material in here for women struggling with body issues (ie, just about every American woman). There’s everything from meditations to dance suggestions, and it’s a … Continue reading

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Hey, peeps! Check it out: San Jose Metaphysical Bookshop is having a concert! It’s a fundraiser to help them with the expenses of moving out of their current location and into a new one. I am mightily peeved I can’t … Continue reading

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I <3 irony

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that To the 5 Boroughs by the Beastie Boys is copyprotected?

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Childfree Venting

OK, if you’re easily offended by childfree rantings, steer clear. If you want to hear what has pissed me off this time, read on.



My nutritionist thinks I feel so lousy the last few days because the amoebas in my gut are dying and spewing toxins into my system while doing so. She says to drink a lot of water to help my body … Continue reading

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Would I like some cheese with this whine?

Last night I had a headache by the time I got off work. So I went home and lay down in bed. I read for a little, then fell asleep. At 7:30pm. Around 9pm I woke up and watched an … Continue reading



There’s something wonderfully luxurious about using one’s lunch hour to go home and cook an actual meal rather than eating at one’s desk or going to a local restaurant. I love living five minutes from work.