My body is rebelling

Apparently going several weeks without a proper sleeping-in-on-the-weekend and then spending about a week getting only 7 hrs a night instead of 8 and then having houseguests has pushed it over the edge.
Yesterday I was so tired I took a personal day and went home and slept, nearly non-stop, from 10am until 8pm. Then I had dinner, watched a little TV, and went back to bed. Where I slept another eight hours.
The sad part?
When I blink my brain thinks maybe I might, yanno, really be lying down and in bed, and it starts shutting everything down in preparation for sleep. Even when I’m walking down the hallway. Sheesh.
So, fine. Body, you win. I won’t go to the midnight showing of “Office Space” in Santa Cruz tonight. I won’t set an alarm tomorrow OR Sunday. Okay? I’ll even refrain from drinking much booze in celebration of Antwon’s bday, so as not to mess up your precious sleep cycles.

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7 Responses to My body is rebelling

  1. Amanda says:

    That sounds horrid. I hope you feel a little better soon! Not on the same level as you, but I’ve felt exhausted and grumpy pretty much since the wedding myself; it finally lifted yesterday. It was a harsh couple weeks.

  2. Ted says:

    For what it’s worth, hope you start feeling better again soon!
    On the subject of “Office Space”, I plan to attend this year’s ball as “Milton” – I alrady hae the stapler, after all… [LOL]
    Take care – cheers,

  3. Noe says:

    I can sympathize, believe me… Before they got me on the levothyroxine being pregnant and hypothyroid did the same thing to me. However, even getting enough sleep at night did NOTHING to make me less tired. I just slept every spare minute of the day. Kind of pathetic. *sigh*

  4. keith says:

    oooo that really sucks. i’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. i hope you feel better soon

  5. La says:

    thanx for the laughs at 2 a.m. Pittsburgh time. I enjoyed the ‘eclectic musings of an oddball’ very much. I also want to thank you for helping me secure the idea that this disorder can be treated in a natural way. I just went off Effexor (sister of Cymbalta) and it has been a BEAR to do…i can’t imagine working full time, planning a wedding, etc. and going off cold turkey like you unknowingly did…poor girl! I have done it slowly over the course of 6 wks. and still have headaches, etc.
    Best of luck with wedding planning. Feel free to email me with any wedding questions, I have worked tons of weddings while in college: from country clubs to Days Inn. I have ideas of what works and what doesn’t (food, music, favors, flowers, you-name-it)
    Take care.
    Looking forward to your next stern letter to body!

  6. Ealasaid says:

    Aw, thanks everybody!
    Glad to see a new reader, La! And I’m happy to hear I made you laugh. :D

  7. Edward says:

    I always find something new and interesting every time I come around here – thanks.