This video is awful UCLA security guys tasered a student a bunch of times while other students were yelling for them to stop and demanding their ID numbers. The student wasn’t even fighting back (though he was mouthing off quite a bit). Someone recorded it with their cell phone’s camera, which was smart. (Warning, the vid is pretty disturbing.)
There’s an article about it here. The UCLA Chancellor has a statement about the incident which is pretty weak, imho. “Stand up or you’ll get tased again” is pretty clearly excessive use of force. This guy was on the ground from the shock of being tased and either couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up, so they tased him repeatedly. There were half a dozen rentacops there, they could have carried him out, but they tased him over and over instead. In fact, one of the officers threatened to use the taser on a student who was demanding his badge number, saying they would “get tased too.” Disgraceful.
UCLA’s security and administration should be ashamed. Kudos to the students who protested and especially to the one who recorded it (though the camerawork is pretty bad the audio is clear and utterly frightening).
More articles:
Another from CBS – apparently the tasered student is going to sue. Go for it, man!
I’m glad to see major news networks picking this up.

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3 Responses to Horrifying

  1. fling93 says:

    Sheesh, that’s awful. Thanks for publicizing this.

  2. keith says:

    heh, you can always trust LAPD’s finest to act like the worst scum of the planet. Did anyone else notice the kid’s name sounded muslim? No wonder racism is still strong here in america.

  3. Annie says:

    That was awful. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. I was getting nauseous. The pussyfooting response of the chairman was pathetic. It’s obvious, even with just the audio, they were out of line, especially when they refused to give their badge numbers and actively threatened a student who asked for them. We’ll never really know if he was singled out for being Middle Eastern, but in this day and age it seems likely.