Taking a Break

I’ve decided to take a break from reading websites that up my stress level. There are a lot more of these on my daily reading rounds than I thought, and I think it’s taking a toll on me. I have a lot on my plate (work, Cinequest, Aikido, health problems, wedding planning…) and somehow riling myself up every day over how people I don’t know are being terrible human beings seems like a poor use of my personal energy.
I acknowledge that sexism exists. I acknowledge that homophobia exists. I acknowledge that injustice exists.
I also acknowledge that there is only so much I can do about these things.
For a while, I feel that the best thing I can do about these things is to go about my tasks with focus and dedicate my personal energy to accomplishing my tasks to the very best of my ability. So I am removing items from my blogroll and recording them here, so that I do not lose the links. Some day soon I hope I will be ready to take up the mantle of righteous anger again, but for now I need to rest and refocus.

Feminist Communities
If you are one of the writers at these blogs, please know that I love your work and admire you greatly. Please know that this isn’t about you, it’s about me.
For the rest of my readers, please check these blogs out, they are amazing and thought-provoking. I still recommend them highly!

Childfree (Rant) Communities:
These are great if you’re CF and pissed off. I just need a break from them for a while, is all. I can only be so pissed off on other people’s behalf, yanno?

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