I give up.

I am going to have to stop using BlogLines as my primary RSS aggregator because it cannot handle friendslocked posts. I just have too many folks whose blogs I read who friendslock their posts, and Bloglines doesn’t have the capability to log in and check those for me. Neither does Thunderbird, apparently.
Readers! Help me out! I want an RSS aggregator than can handle friends-only posts on Livejournal and Blogger, as well as regular feeds. What’s the best one to use? There seem to be a bajillion.

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3 Responses to I give up.

  1. Mike says:

    Huh, blogger has a feature like that too? Not sure if other RSS readers will do what you want either.. is there a way to “log in to” the RSS feed and get a private feed?
    I just read LJ people in LJ.
    I really like using bloglines, but it was having weird interaction with craigslist search feeds, so I started using Vienna for those.

  2. fling93 says:

    NewsGator worked for me, though I’ve now switched to Google Reader which (alas), like BlogLines, doesn’t support authentication. I hear NetNewsWire also supports it, but I don’t think you have a Mac?

  3. Ealasaid says:

    I’m sick of trying to read LJ people in LJ because I wind up scanning my friends page in reverse looking for the little locked icon and can’t read things in order. Now that my cousin has a friendslocked Blogger blog, I am just fed up. I want a reader that can gather with logins.
    Nope, not on a Mac here. I’m a PC girl.