This post over at Sad Salvation raises an interesting point. (Be sure to read the Followup post too.)
I agree that using torture as “entertainment” is messed up. That’s the reason I refused to see “The Passion of the Christ.” Anybody who enjoys torture as entertainment should, as Eric said in his comment, seek therapy. Also, as Rich points out, torture is not generally an effective information-gathering tool because the people will say anything to get the pain to stop, including lying to you. When you get information through torture, you can’t be totally sure it’s accurate. How is that useful?
Reading this, I’m glad that I stopped watching “24” before it devolved into this.

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One Response to Torture

  1. John Doh says:

    I was both moved by the film, and could see the funny side of it, and not in a sick way(before you get upset). Historically it’s far fetched and totally inaccurate(as with all Mel Gibson’s films) according to doctors no human could have endured what Jesus was subjected to, the beating alone would have killed any man – the whole film was a torture-fest based on hollywood special effects and distortions of the truth and so became theatre of the absurd, I remember hearing the audience groan at every turn of brutality that Jesus endured but none of their suffering was based on reality. That was the amusing bit. Still perhaps Mel wanted us to think about what Jesus did and to that end he was successful, I thought about the film for days afterwards.