Crap like this is why I am a huge supporter of the right of homosexuals to marry.
It reminds me of a conversation I had shortly before marrying Antwon:

Me: Well, getting married isn’t going to change anything between me and him.
Coworker: Then why get married?
Me: The same reasons gay couples want to get married – it simplifies legal paperwork and grants all sorts of rights you have trouble getting otherwise – hospital visitation rights, that sort of thing.
Coworker: Oh! I had never thought of that.


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One Response to Yecccch.

  1. Alex Summers says:

    Right on. FWIW, most of the stuff mentioned in the article is based on state-law rights, so in CA registered domestic partners would have the same rights as married couples (at least in theory; it hasn’t had time to be tested in court). But even then, anything that falls under Federal law (like social security disability rights, for example) would fail if you’re not married.
    I know when I say so it probably sounds like I’m just taking a rhetorical position, but I honestly don’t understand the opposition to same-sex marriage. Whenever I try to look at it closely, it always seems to come down to one of a few ideas, none of which merit a legal distinction in a pluralistic society: religion, tradition, the arguer thinks it’s “icky,” or a mistaken belief that marriage’s sole reason for existence is to make babies. All of which arguments were used, and failed, in defense of anti-miscegenation laws.