“Hey, Ealasaid, are you gonna see Twilight
I used to answer this with things like, “I’d rather take my eyes out with a spork” but now I’m thinking it might be worth going for the LULZ. The books are so despicably horrifyingly bad that I feel vaguely nauseated by them just from the beta-radiation I’ve gotten (Edward, the “perfect boyfriend” is abusive and dismissive, Bella is a spoiled idiot, etc.). But apparently the guy playing Edward in the movie hates the books. So that could be entertaining.
Anyway. If you have somehow missed the trunkloads of rantings others have done on why these books are so terrible, here’s what I’ve been reading lately:
Misogyny in the books (and really, there’s so much win in the comments to that post, I’m slowly working my way through all of them)
A rant on the beginning of the last book
Hilarious summary of the story, by an ex-Mormon (in case you didn’t know, the author of the books is a devout Mormon, and apparently it kind of shows)
Another summary, with fewer pictures
A Nausea That Borders on Violence: Why Twilight is a Cancerous Sore on the Face of Literature
And, as I tweeted recently: Best description of “Twilight” EVER: “It’s like what I was scribbling in my notebook in the back of math class in 9th grade.”
And finally, this piece of fanart cracked me right up.

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6 Responses to Twilight

  1. Rich says:

    These books and these movies are so silly I don’t care. I know they are not targeted at me. Being upset at these books is like being upset at the wind to me. After I type this comment I will no longer put any energy into Twilight.

  2. Fred says:

    I’m getting real tired of hearing about Twilight from EVERY media outlet including NPR. Apparently there’s no accounting for good taste.

  3. Jen says:

    LOL! The fan art is hilarious! :)

  4. Keith says:

    having been out of the country for the last nine months I have not been privy to the media on this. However, I have read the fist book and I would have to call it adolescent at best. The writing isn’t very deep nor is the character developement. On the other hand I don’t think this book is targeted at anyone above 16 years old.

  5. Alex Summers says:

    I have not read this, so I suppose I shouldn’t criticize, but having seen this (and later this) I think someone would have to pay me a whole lot to see this movie.

  6. AM says:

    There’s an interesting discussion on Twilight over at
    See the 1/23/09 post. Sorry, I don’t know how to link to just that part of the page.
    Among other things, the poster notices that, since the author is LDS, somehow people always expect that to inform her work. I wonder if it does? I haven’t heard from any Mormons who think so.