Cinequest kicked my butt this year. I was dealing with some non-movie-reviewing crap and my head just wasn’t in the game. I still had a great time, though, and am really looking forward to next year. Cinequest 20 should be badass. It sounds like they’re planning something big to celebrate the double-decade anniversary.
Antwon sometimes says that Cinequest is like a NaNoWriMo that only I do, and he’s so right. I just vanish into movies for at least a month — I start watching screeners and writing about them as soon as I can get the PR folks to hand ’em over. It’s so fun, but my God, it’s exhausting.
At least now I can recouperate in preparation for next year.

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  1. Dan Pavlik says:

    Hi Ealasaid, I’m a Fremont resident and I’m going into pre-production on an indie comedy that we’ll shoot in August. I’d like to give you an opportunity to check it out and follow the process as we make this thing. I’ve got a few name actors and I’m hunting for more. Carazy process for a guy from Nor Cal. Thanks, and I enjoy your work in the Fremont Bulletin.