Kid Issues

First, an aside: how the hell did I not have a Childfree category in my blog already?
Antwon’s comment on this post says pretty much everything I was going to say.
All I’ll add is that I know I’m one of the folks in Junglemonkee’s social sphere who is in the “anti-kids” camp. I acknowledge this, and acknowledge that my loathing of (most) children is indicative that I have a problem. I have actually taken to saying that I have a phobia of kids, because it’s more accurate. Kids under the age of about seven (and especially under the age of about three) squick me the way that some folks are squicked by spiders. I’ve been known to hide in a back room at a party when folks with a toddler in tow show up. It’s to the point where I’m working on it in therapy, even. Though I doubt I’ll ever be happy to be around small children, I’d like to be able to be around them at all without becoming panicky. We’ll see how that goes.

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4 Responses to Kid Issues

  1. Alex Summers says:

    IMHO, there are real differences between children and adults, and I see no reason it shouldn’t be okay for some people to like those differences and for others to dislike them.

  2. Alex Summers says:

    Your friend’s (acquaintance’s?) post is really sticking in my craw for some reason. Possibly because my “anonymous” response is still in limbo.
    Your situation, as you describe it, is different, but I must ask you (since there’s nobody else to ask): Why is it “bigotry” to say you don’t like children, but perfectly fine to say “I love children,” as she herself does?
    Why is it bigoted if I say “They don’t know how to behave in public,” but apparently not for her to say “Part of being a child is learning social interaction. Kids *don’t* always know what’s expected of them.” Those two statements sound the same to me.
    I could go on, but I’ve vented enough spleen for now.

  3. Keith says:

    Whoa. I have to admit that my opinion is extremely biased as I have a son and I love him to bits. (I shall spare you further gushing)
    As it is you do have to hold children to the same standard as a adults or they just don’t learn. If you want a child to learn you do not treat them like babies. You hold them to the same standard as everyone else or they just get confused.
    I believe it’s very important to treat children like adults. Whenever I take my son out I make sure his behavior is the highest standard. When he get’s out of line I correct him quickly. If it gets to a point where he is just not able to handle it anymore then its time to go. Some it sucks but that’s how it is. You can’t let your kid run wild and screaming and try to enjoy a party get together or other outting. I’ve found you just have to suck it up.
    Lastly I’ve found that my childless friends are more then willing to let me go whenever the kid gets out of hand.
    In closing. Yes you have to hold childrent to the same standard as adults. If you don’t they stay children.

  4. Alex Summers says:

    Bless you, Keith. When I get annoyed at someone’s disruptive kid–like I did last night at dinner–I try to remember to notice the other kids who aren’t disruptive because their parents are like you.