Nerdcore is NOT Dead! Nerdcore is LIFE!

MC Lars thinks Nerdcore is dead, apparently because some kids posted a stupid video on YouTube.
A genre has practitioners who are lame? It must be DEAD and OVER. Riiiiiight.
I think the problem is that MC Lars sees Nerdcore as defined by “home-produced beats and an awkward flow.” That, to me, is NOT Nerdcore. Sure, a lot of Nerdcore has that feel to it, because a lot of practitioners started out that way. MC Frontalot is a freaking Nerdcore GOD and he often has a rather awkward flow.
But that’s not what Nerdcore is.
Nerdcore is rapping about nerdy shit. Not the bullshit that comes out of guys like Jay-Z and Kanye (do not get me started on Mr. Anti-Literacy, seriously. Fuck you, Kanye).
Nerdcore guys rap about sci-fi cons and D&D and not fitting in back in high school. Shit I can identify with. They don’t rap about how their “bitches” need to “get out the way.” If they have a girlfriend, they tend to glorify her (“her name is Schaffer the Doctor, cos she’s a Ph.D!” sayeth Schaffer the Darklord of his wife, for example).
Is Nerdcore a subgenre? Yes. Will it ever be mainstream? Probably not. That’s fine by me. Nerds aren’t mainstream either (except here in beautiful Silicon Valley, woo!). I’m going to keep buying Schaffer’s CDs. And MC Lars’. And those of Beefy and the rest too. I’ll download their songs. I’ll keep pimping them to my friends as good music, because they are.
MC Lars bitching about Nerdcore and saying that he “cringed” when he was called a “nerdcore rapper.” disappoints me. Not all of MC Lars’ stuff is Nerdcore, true. He’s a general, funny rapper first, and happens to do some Nerdcore stuff. But his talking about groundbreaking bands and whining that Nerdcore people should be doing the same thing just strikes me as pretentious.
It sounds to me like MC Lars doesn’t just have the wrong idea about what Nerdcore is, but he also has the wrong idea about what it means to be a nerd. Nerds are passionate and do what they love regardless of what mainstream society thinks. Why do nerds have a rep for being unpopular and unfashionable? Because they care more about their passions than about being popular and keeping up with bullshit fashion trends.
I suspect that some fledgeling Nerdcore artists will quit upon reading MC Lars’ blog entry, but that’s okay. The ones who are passionate about their music will stick around, and those are the ones I care about. The ones who keep Nerdcore alive.

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2 Responses to Nerdcore is NOT Dead! Nerdcore is LIFE!

  1. Keith says:

    whoa. just read Mr. Anti Literacy and was like wow. what a moron, and that’s too bad cuz I kinda liked him and just lost a lot of respect for him.
    Who needs villians when you have role models like him. what an idiot he needs to shut the fuck up and just be what he is which is a product. at least a product doesn’t pretend to be anything then it is.
    Any who – Nerd Core – Keep lovin your music I don’t think nerd core is going any where. It’s been around for a while it just cuz it’s making money doesn’t mean it will end.

  2. Rich says:

    I should do a whole entry about this, but people do this all the time. Rock has died more times than I care to count. It has been replaced by many things just to have someone else pick it up and bring it back to life. I think that is what he is trying to.

    Not to oversimplify things, but music evolves when people realize that it’s time for something new, and that time for nerdcore hip-hop is now.

    He thinks there are guys out there who are moving nerdcore forward, like Beefy and Schaffer the Darklord. He says what is great about each of them.
    This quote really caught me:

    Kids who are ONLY listening to MC Frontalot and mc chris sound like lo-fi versions the Lonely Island guys…. and if that’s what you’re going for, more power to you… but true music fans would rather listen to artists who make great albums and move us emotionally than listen to a novelty act looking for their fifteen minutes in a genre that has come and gone.

    Just looping a couple of video game samples is not enough anymore. Some of the artist you love already know that. Artist often outlive the movement they start with.