I wish Joss Whedon would leave Marvel alone

Yes, I loved The Avengers. A lot. Even though Joss couldn’t bring himself NOT to kill off a beloved character.

But oh look! He’s brought that character back to life in a new tv show!

I was all excited until I discovered what that meant: Joss Whedon is showrunner and one of the writers for “Agents of SHIELD.”

And THAT means, given how few canon characters he’ll be using, that he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

And that means I am not watching that show.

I love Agent Coulson to bits, I adore him, but I am not in any kind of mental headspace to let Joss “I Made The Audience Cry That Means I’m A Good Writer” Whedon anywhere near my media intake.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll go the Firefly route, get cancelled before he has a chance to Whedon it up. THEN I can safely watch it without risking my mental health (Whedon provokes a unique blend of self-hatred, heartbreak, and loathing in me, and that’s not a healthy place  to go).

I’m not holding my breath.

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4 Responses to I wish Joss Whedon would leave Marvel alone

  1. Casey says:

    OMG – you don’t love Joss? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

    • Ealasaid says:

      I love about 95% of any given Joss work, but that 5% is the equivalent of an otherwise-fabulous boyfriend punching me in the face. And since I never know when that 5% is coming, I’ve decided that his work (at least when it’s all original to him) isn’t safe for me, and I don’t watch it.

      I got no beef with people who enjoy his work, though. Dude’s a genius in a lot of ways. I just think he’s a shitty writer in a couple of ways and a bad feminist in a couple of others, and am done watching things that make me angry and upset.

      • Casey says:

        Aside from the horrible costuming, I thought he was an okay feminist. Most of his leads are strong women. Can you explain where he fails (or is this a reason for us to get tea and hang out, ’cause I would totally be down with that).

        Good for you on recognizing that parts that make you angry and upset and, since you never know when it’s coming, declaring “no” on his stuff altogether. I did the same for the news and I am better for it.

        I love you for (among other things) having reasons that you can/will explain for those of us still getting to know you.