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I wish Joss Whedon would leave Marvel alone

Yes, I loved The Avengers. A lot. Even though Joss couldn’t bring himself NOT to kill off a beloved character. But oh look! He’s brought that character back to life in a new tv show! I was all excited until … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at “Side Effects”

So, I saw Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects” over the weekend to review it, and OH MY GOD. I have to rant somewhere, and I can’t exactly do it in my review. Loads of spoilers below, okay? Loads.

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Health Survey!

OMG y’all! Redefining Body Image is doing a survey. Go take it! I found some of my answers to the questions useful, and thought I’d post them here. It’s really striking to me how much WORK my health is. No … Continue reading

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This week in ARGH

So. I spent the last week trying, as an experiment, to only post positive things on social media. I mostly succeeded (drinking + early season one of the new Scooby-Doo = bitching about Velma being a horrible abusive gf to … Continue reading

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Rant Time! “Hey fatty, wear our clothes and look less ugly!”

I was ranting about this over on Facebook but decided it deserved a full-on blog post rantorama. So! Warning: swearing, bullshit sexism, fashion-industry-offensiveness (ok, I’m repeating myself), etc. You in? Let’s do this.

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Nine Things I Want to Rephrase and Then Tell Teenage Girls, and One Thing I’d Like to Tell the Author to Shove Where the Sun Don’t Shine : A Rant

Warning! This is a Rant! If you don’t want to be exposed to strong opinions, mild incoherence, and occasional cussing, don’t read this. Okay? Okay.

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RANT: Why Tron >>>> Tron Legacy

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Tron Legacy. But I like Tron better, and was really aggravated by some of the stuff they got wrong in the new one. It’s not the new flick’s clunky, predictable plot (seriously, I called … Continue reading

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OMG, can it be? Failbender: Rant the Fourth! It’s BORING and MAKES NO SENSE.

So! After posting Rant Three, I got busy and sick and then sick-and-busy, and not only completely failed to finish and post this, but managed to forget I’d neglected to do so. I blame that on PID and NaNoWriMo. But … Continue reading

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Academia, Analysis, and Why I Love Twitter

Some of you know this already, but bear with me. I went to college straight out of high school. I attended Occidental College, as had three other members in two different generations of my family (seriously; my mom, one of … Continue reading

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Why I am not Psyched for Rock Band 3

I get asked a lot if I’m excited for Rock Band 3, and I was drafting a long explanation of why my feelings are mixed when I realized I can summarize it very easily: If I wanted to play piano … Continue reading

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