The Assassins' Guild

They said he'd been educated at the Assassins' School, but no-one remembered what weapons he'd learned. He'd studied languages. And suddenly, with him in front of you, this didn't seem like the soft option.

The Guild of Assassins' Coat of Arms.  Sketch by Stephen Briggs, used with permission.

Aaaah, the Assassins' Guild. Quite possibly the most interesting, and certainly the "coolest," to use a Roundworld term, Guild in Ankh-Morpork. It is unsurprising that Lord Vetinari graduated from an academy which makes the School of Hard Knocks look like a sandpit (The Fifth Elephant)

Although Lord Vetinari never handled a weapon with dangerous intent in one of the Discworld books until The Truth, it has always been known that he was a remarkably dangerous man. He just preferred politics to physical violence. However, consider for a moment the degrees he holds. Lord Vetinari's listing in the Assassin's Guild Yearbook and Diary is: as follows:

Provost of Assassins: Havelock, Lord Vetinari, DMAP, DM, DGS, MA, MPE, MASc, MIDD, BScI, DiPE.
The tools of the trade.  Art by Paul Kidby, used with permission Those degrees are: When one considers that Lord Downy, President of the Guild, only holds an MA, this is more than a little impressive.

The events in The Truth established his Lordship's speed and comfort in handling weapons once and for all. He is noted in the Assassins' Guild Yearbook and Diary as being "a formidable opponent" and most of the assassins who have tried to collect the AM$1m price of his commission have never been heard from since.

I sincerely hope that future books elaborate on these talents.


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