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Everyone has an opinion about who would be perfect to play our favorite politician on the silver screen. Although I appreciate Alan Rickman's ability (he's a very close second to my suggested thespian), and know that the incredible Steven Briggs has played him on the stage (and looks fantabulous in the role, I might add), I have a particular champion.

Christopher Eccleston.

Christopher Eccleston in 'Heart'

This little-known actor has blown me away in every film of his I've seen - "talented" is something of an understatement. He wraps himself in the characters he plays so completely that it's easy to forget that he's acting. Add to that height, a naturally thin build, intense blue eyes (just like His Lordship), and a talent for playing political animals (check him out as the Duke of Norfolk in Elizabeth), and you have the perfect candidate. Even better, he's physically active (runs marathons, from what I hear), so His Lordship's physical strength and agility would be believable (the Patrician may be thin, but it's never said he's weak. Remember, he trained with the Assassins. And he wrenched that blade out of the wall in Guards! Guards!. He's stronger than he looks).

Although Rickman is a brilliant actor, and would doubtless be fantastic, I feel that Eccleston comes much closer to what His Lordship looks like (at least, in my head). And from the wide variety of characters I've seen Eccleston play, I'm sure he'd do a fantastic job.

However, just to be fair, here's a gallery of various actors in the role! Photoshops from and by the inimitable Katherine!

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