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Caroc Cards.  Sketch by Stephen Briggs, used with permission.

Although, as mentioned, there is a sad lack of webpages devoted to this noble statesman, I present here those few which do exist. If you know of a site which is not listed, please email me.

PJSM Prints - Although Mr. Kidby does not as yet have prints of Lord Vetinari available for sale, I remain optimistic. Besides, his other art is also excellent.
Elfowood: Lord Vetinari - a quite nice portrait by the every wonderful Katherine!
The Patrician - a sketch of Lord Vetinari, and casting suggestions.
The Unofficial Christopher Eccleston Homepage - since I mentioned him, here he is.
Lord Vetinari, The Patrician - Clarecraft has a figurine of him available!
Lord Vetinari Website - A rather nice homepage for our favorite politician.
Lord Havelock Vetinari - His Lordship's Dossier.
The Patrician - A collection of snippets from the books and other sources, all pertaining to his Lordship.
The Discworld Characters - a nice little essay on His Lordship.
Discworld The Movie: Casting Couch
Vote for who should play Lord Vetinari!
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Patrician of Ankh-Morpork
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