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9/28/04 -- This site has been linked to by the Wikiverse page on the Patrician, so I've added them to the Points Beyond page. Hooray!

11/24/01 -- A new essay under "Musings" in the Library!

9/1701 -- Behold, a new and spiffy version of ASKOP is now available! Everyone feel free to email me and tell me how gorgeous the graphics are. :-)

3/20/01 -- After two months of polling, enough people said they were interested in an email list that I set one up. Go! Join! Now!

1/20/01 -- Just about everything! I've given the site a massive overhaul, added a bunch of new sections, and reorganized the old ones. I've also added a bunch of scanned artwork, with the permission of the kind and talented Paul Kidby and Stephen Briggs. Be sure to check out Mr. Kidby's homepage, linked from "Points Beyond."

11/15/00 -- Lots of new stuff! The Library has two new sections, with another on the way.

6/7/00 -- In honor of Patrician's Day 2000, I have added a couple of new images to the site! They were scanned by yours truly from the 1999 and 2000 Discworld Diaries, with all reverence due to artwork copyrighted by the brilliant Paul Kidby. I have also added His Lordship's address to the City Watch as reprinted in the Discworld Diary 1999. It is in The Library.


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