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    Kick-Ass 2

    by  • August 20, 2013 • Movie Reviews and Features

    “Kick-Ass 2,” the follow up to 2010’s “Kick-Ass”, seems unsure of what exactly it wants to be. The first film was an (admittedly very, very violent) exploration of what happens when ordinary people try to be superheroes, and the psychological toll that takes on ordinary kids. The sequel seems to be trying to continue...

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    The Lone Ranger

    by  • July 8, 2013 • Movie Reviews and Features

    The Lone Ranger is an American icon from a time long past. He lived on the radio and on black and white TV sets in a time when cowboy sagas and problematic portrayals of Native Americans were a big part of popular culture. When Gore Verbinsky and the rest of his “Pirates of the...

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    The Dark Knight Rises

    by  • July 24, 2012 • Movie Reviews and Features

    Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy launched seven years ago with "Batman Begins," and now it wraps up with "The Dark Knight Rises." This is a solid conclusion for a film franchise that has been nominated for over 100 awards and earned the love of millions of fans. The final film doesn't reach the mind-blowing...

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