Welcome to Ealasaid’s Wishlist List!

Practical Stuff

Tom Bihn Bags – they are amazeballs. The Swift was designed with input from a bunch of knitters, and is friggin cool.

  • Swift Knitting Bag Black 400 Halcyon/Island 200 Halcyon
    I’m also interested in some/any of the following accessories:

    • Knitting Tool Pouches Navy, no handle loop. Key straps would be great.
    • Clear organizer pouches, mini/small/medium/pencil, any color okay (favs are Island, Verde, Northwest Sky).
    • Key straps to go with pouches would be sweet, 8″, snaphook/snaphook; a variety of colors would be great.

I’m casually into the whole Everyday Carry thing, and have my eyes on these puppies (note: they’re all available in multiple places, the links are for simplicity. :D)

Fun Stuff

Last updated: 12/1/17