Through the Looking Glass Well,

Through the Looking Glass
Well, hell.
Once again, I have a memory of thinking, “gosh, I should write about _____ in my blog, it will be clever and witty,” and NO memory of what the _____ was.
At least my flow charts are done, thanks to a wonderful pal who taught me to use Micro$oft’s Visio. I now have time to chill out.
Anyway. Since I can’t remember what I was going to write about, I’ll write about my newest video game acquisition instead!
I bought American McGee’s “Alice” Friday, and I really like it. Found it for $19.99 in Staples’ clearance section, yay. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically Alice in Wonderland on a very bad acid trip. A very, very, very bad acid trip. The Red Queen has taken over and everything is corrupted and warped. Alice must, armed with a set of thoroughly weird weapons called “toys”, make her way to the Red Queen and destroy her. Whoo!
It’s kind of nice to have a warped game where the heroine is a schoolgirl instead of a leather-clad dominatrix type.

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