Comment: Robert Redford is much

Comment: Robert Redford is much sexier than Brad Pitt in Spy Game. Discuss.
Yes, it’s true.
I saw Spy Game over the weekend and have been thinking about it a lot. The plot is decent. Older spy recruits and trains younger spy, who is rebellious and cares about assets (read: people). Younger spy gets in trouble. Older spy has to decide whether to help him or not, and how.
What makes the film shine, though, is Robert Redford. He steals every scene he’s in, the sly old bastard. Pitt at least has the brains not to try and steal his scenes back. He has no hope, pretty though he is, because Robert Redford just oozes this incredibly sexy, aloof confidence. Marvellous.
What’s that you’re asking? Do I have a thing for older men?
Why, how on earth did you guess?

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