Brother, here we go again…

Brother, here we go again…
PippinI did it. I got all my shopping done before 3pm today. Hurrah for me. Got presents for EVERYONE, including the recalcitrant, list-less ones I was whining about yesterday. Whoo! I did, however, find myself humming Tom Lehrer’s “Hunting Song” quite a bit (“I went a shot the maximum the game laws would allow / Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.”).
Now I just have to survive until tomorrow morning. We’re off to a Christmas Eve service this evening, then to see “Lord of the Rings” again. Aaah, just what I need, a nice big dose of Pippin before bedtime.
What is it with me and that hobbit, for pete’s sake? I couldn’t even tell Pip and Merry apart in the book most of the time, and now I’m crushing on one of them? I don’t get it. But he is awfully cute (see right).

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