Merry Chanukwanzaristmas, Everybody! Aaaah, the

Merry Chanukwanzaristmas, Everybody!
Aaaah, the joy of celebrating the holidays with my family.
Hobbits Rule
We went out last night to see LotR again, and ended up slightly to one side of the front frickin’ row because we didn’t bother leaving early, since who’d be going to the movies on Christmas Eve?
Everybody and their siblings, apparently.
It was still cool, though. Gorgeous film, and I’m not just talking about the guys in it. Pip rocked the house as usual, and I still found myself jumping and gasping in all the right places. I can’t believe we have to wait another YEAR for the next book (which, if I remember correctly, really rocks).
This morning we broke with family tradition. I was NOT the first one up (Dad was up, dressed, and breakfasted before I even dragged myself out of bed) and we had stocking candy downstairs instead of up. I got some fantastic presents and was gratified to see the gifts I’d bought go over really well. There’s nothing quite so fun as watching people open gifts.
I knew I was growing up when I realized yesterday while wrapping that i was actually more excited about the stuff I was giving than the stuff I might be getting.
Well, I gotta head downstairs and see if Mom wants help with the Pumpkin Pies.

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