Aw yeah! First: kudos to

You are SO deadAw yeah!
First: kudos to Jen, who sent me this site with PipPix!
Great LotR TCG game last night. Very intense. Lots of damage being dealt out and so on. My deck did a great job, I’m really pleased, even though I didn’t win.
I traded with Ron for a couple of cards, including The Witch King of Angmar! YES!!!
I now have all nine wraiths in my shadow deck.
Watch out, folks. I am gonna be kicking butt. And tonight I get to try him out at the Union City league meeting! Whoo-hooo! I can’t wait.
In other news… Um…
I gave in last night and bought the paperback Atlas of Middle-Earth. It RULES. I have GOT to find the time to curl up and just read it, with The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings at my elbow for reference. Very cool.
It’s amazing to think that Tolkien put enough detail in his books that you can not only figure out the elevations and distances with enough precision to make an atlas, but that you can actually map out everyone’s journeys day-by-day with pretty decent accuracy! WOW.
Okay, back to work for me.

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