10 Signs you’ve blogged too

10 Signs you’ve blogged too much
Brought to me by Dad. Originally from here.

  1. You insert links into an interoffice memo.
  2. The symbols on your angle bracket keys are worn out.
  3. You’re banned from Google for wasting bandwidth searching for yourself.
  4. A mention of your blog by Glenn Reynolds causes you to call your family to brag, to which they respond “What’s a blog?”
  5. You require anti-depressant therapy when Blogger is down.
  6. You quit your job because one person leaves money in your tip jar.(That’s it! I’m a professional now!)
  7. You blog a critique of your child’s first play. In realtime. On a laptop you brought to the performance.
  8. You want to name your next child Infapundit.(C’mon, honey. It’s perfect!)
  9. Your future ex-wife forces you to choose between her and the blog. (god, I’m going to miss her!)
  10. You write humorous lists in a blatant attempt to draw more traffic to your site. (Err…um…..)
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