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Well! Had a great time playing Diablo II with my aunt and uncle tonight. ROCKED THE HOUSE, even though my computer kept freaking out. *sigh* Then, after we finished, I checked my email only to learn I’m taking up more … Continue reading

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Whoa! Go me!

Wow, the Very Secret Diaries hit count has gone way up! 1,101 hits so far this week! WOW! And that’s just the main page! That’s about 10 times as many as this here blog! Yeesh! But heck, my Mystery Men … Continue reading

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Aw, darn…

Written last night, but not posted bc Dad needed the line Guess I’m alone in thinking those pix (from Wednesday, below) are proof positive that Merry and the Pipster are the cutest things on Hobbit feet. *sigh* Hm… guess I’ll … Continue reading

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More Links from Dad

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HA HA HA HA! Funny. But not for those who can’t take bad language. You have been warned. Kudos to Dad for the link.

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Wow, looks like the LotR CCG has rules-rapers just like my D&D club used to. Check this out.

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Ah, the joys of subbing.

I’m writing this from the desk of a friend of mine, a teacher at a local middle school. I’m subbing for her this morning, wheeeee! Hopefully, even now my pal Jen is ordering some new LotR cards for us, huzzah! … Continue reading

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Death and…

Ah, the joys of spring. Bright sun alternating with cold and overcast weather. Flowers and green leaves. Cold mornings and warm afternoons. Taxes. I just want to state for the record that it’s all the fault of the San Mateo … Continue reading

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I’m the Queen of the World!

…well, queen of the dumpster, anyway. Photo by Jen.

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Dratted hobbits

Well, I may have to redesign my deck for LotR AGAIN. I just get too hammered with my current setup. Maybe I should put together a Hobbit “run for the border” deck, with lots of twilight-lowering things and whatnot. Hm… … Continue reading

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