Darth Update

For those of my readers who’ve been following Darth’s progress, I’m sorry to report that we put him to sleep today.
We took him to the vet (the emergency vet, as our regular vet was closed) and she ran several tests; apparently he suffered some spinal damage during the fall. The chances of recovery were essentially none, and since his quality of life has been so poor since the fall, we decided to euthanize him.
The photo at left is from several years ago, shortly after Mom got Solo I. Darth loved playing with her, although she tended to be much more interested in wrestling than in tug (his favorite game aside from fetch).
We got Darth when I was 12, and he was the best dog I could have asked for. Sweet, enthusiastic, and affectionate as all getout, plus incredibly handsome in the bargain. I’m going to miss him.

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