Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. If, by sacrificing your life, you could contribute so much to the world that you would be honored in all nations … (a) would you be willing to do so? (b) would you be willing to do so if someone else you thoroughly despise would get all the credit while you went unrecognized?
Ok, I used to think there were no stupid questions, but clearly I was wrong.

2. You discover, unexpectedly, that a former friend (who you no longer like) has given your name as a character reference for a job application. The ex-friend is qualified for the job, but do you give them an honest thumbs-up?
Yup. Although I might explain the circumstances under which we stopped being friends if they were pertinent.

3. If you could write a sequel to any movie you wanted, what movie would it be?
Grosse Point Blank.

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