PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 2.38

1. When I was young, my Mom would always drink a cold Dr. Pepper in the morning. Me, I can go either way. I like a Cold Frappucchino in the Summer months and switch to warm Mocha Espresso in the Fall. Do you like to drink warm beverages in the morning or do you prefer yours cold?
I am very much a hot coffee or hot tea person in the morning, although I often have a huuuuge glass of diet Coke with lots of ice with me when I settle down to work.

2. Have you ever been so upset with someone that you wanted to get revenge? What did you do? Or if you didn’t, what would you like to have done?
Hm… I’m big on revenge fantasies, although they tend to be passive revenge ones. Like… running into the a**hole who dumped me with a total hottie (preferably a famous one) on my arm. That kind of thing. Pretty standard, really.

3. Sometimes I can look back at my past and see so many things that I was too naive to take advantage of. A time where I could have moved ahead in my career if only I’d chosen to move, the High School girlfriend who said she would do anything if I just asked, and so on. Looking back, are there any opportunities you missed out on that you can see now but didn’t realize then?
I think there were guys who were interested in me back in the day when I was convinced there weren’t any… I just wasn’t quick enough on the uptake to see it.

4. Today I tried on my black slacks, and they are just a skosh too tight (yeah it’s a real word, look it up). Of course, I wore them anyway. Are there any clothes you refuse to throw away even though they don’t (and never will) fit? Why do you keep them?
Yup. I have loads of clothes that are too big for me but were gifts or have other sentimental value and so I can’t bear to get rid of them.

5. Although my speech classes eliminated most if it, I still have a little Okie accent left. I say “Git” instead of “Get” and “Collar” instead of “Color.” Do you have an accent? Are there any phrases or words you say that tip folks that “you aren’t from around these parts?”
I have a California accent (a pretty thick one, apparently, even though I can hear myself start to pick up the local accent when I’m in England).

6. Speaking of phrases, it really drives me nuts when folks say “very unique” (Unique has no degrees, it is either unique or it isn’t) or “irregardless” (not a real word). Are there any words folks misspell or incorrect uses of words that simply drive you insane?
Misuse of apostrophes, saying “on accident,” that kind of thing.

7. I am guilty of using pet names a bit too often, like “honey,” “babe,” and “sweetie.” However, currently, no one uses any pet names on me (and I think I’d like one). Are there any pet names that you like to be called? Any you don’t? Do you (or did you) have any pet names for your partner?
Hm… I don’t use nicknames (for myself) at all, although I like low-key pet names. I’ve been known to call people I’m involved with “sweetie,” but haven’t been with anybody I had a particular pet name for.

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