Last night I managed to catch the last hour or so of the Blogger Meetup. It was cool! Apparently at one point there were NINE people there! Wow!
Anyway, it was fun to see Antwon and GeekyChick again, and to meet … um… a couple guys I haven’t managed to match up with their blogs yet because I’m in a rush and really tired. Among other things, we came to a consensus that it’s entirely possible that Karyn is really Lance Bass trying to raise money to go into space.
So yeah, it was cool. I’m hoping to be in good enough shape for the next one to go … but I probably won’t be if it’s on a Wednesday again. I work til 9:30 on Wednesdays and by then I’ll prolly be exhausted, thanks to the upcomign slice-n-dice.
Hey, here’s a survey for y’all (answer in the comments please): should I do a page about the surgery after it happens? I’ve already had a request for before-and-after photos of my gut, and the doc promised to take shots of the icky ball of tissue itself… whaddya think? :-D

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