That’s what you get…

When I take my meds and don’t go to bed.
I went to, who sent me to Buy Bush a Playstation 2 ( a great idea!), which led me to that genius’ homepage, which led me to his blog which led me to a new set of survey questions. These are old, but they’re about Star Wars, and it’s my blog so I’m gonna answer them.

3X Thursday!

1.What StarWars character do you most personally identify with and why?
Hm… hard call. I’d like to say Leia, ’cause she kicks butt and takes names, but sometimes I feel more like a Stormtrooper – doomed and part of the faceless horde. Although Stormtroopers have a real job. Hm… Have to work more on this one.

2. Of all the characters in Star Wars whom would you most like to sleep with and why?
You even have to ask? Darth Vader. Duh.

3. In Star Wars both new and old who do you most think is gay or lesbian?
Hm… Mon Mothma strikes me as at least bi. Lando’s probably gay (he just hits on Leia to cover his crush on Han).

Bonus Question : Do you think the group of military contractors who designed and built the first Death Star won the Imperial Government Contract to build the second one when they failed to protect the exhaust port with a simple metal grate ala Luke Skywalker and his Proton Torpedos?
Hehehehehhehe. I think you mean “against” not “ala” but anyway… I think they probably were executed by Lord Vader for having anything to do with that debacle.

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