Go read this review of Night Watch. It’s so nice to read a real review in an American paper of a Pratchett book (even if it does use “arguably,” one of the stupidest words in the English language, in its first sentence)! MAN! And not just a Pratchett book, but one of the Pratchett books that will likely take a spot just below The Truth in my list of favorites from that sequence.
Night Watch is a fantastic story, and I think it really shows how far Pratchett has come since the days of Equal Rites and Guards! Guards!. Character, description, development have all improved with age and while the early books are still a damn sight better than most of the dreck out there, the more recent books just keep getting better.
And of course, it was nice to see Vetinari again. I really missed him in Thief of Time.

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