Bad Boys, Bad Boys…

Am I the only one starting to worry about the pattern of criminals being appointed to high government positions in the last couple of months? I mean, first we have Poindexter, who has been convicted of lying to congress (Washington Post), not to mention selling arms to our enemies, in charge of creating a huge database of everyone’s personal data (Check out the great TIA Resource Center for more on THAT).
Now Henry Kissenger, who to the best of my knowledge hasn’t been convicted of being a war criminal only because we’ve been very careful not to let him get extradited and tried (anybody wondering why Bush isn’t pressing to get Saddam charged as a war criminal, which he certainly is? could it be… because then he’d look like an ass for hiding Kissenger at the same time?), has been appointed to head up a commission investigating the events of Sept. 11th. (NY Times article)
Now, I know that Kissenger did some good work in his day. Hell, there’s a great song about him. But if he’s NOT a criminal, if he’s innocent, why hide him? I realize that’s kind of like saying that the innocent have nothing to fear from the TIA project, which I don’t believe for a second, but come on. For the US to really stand up as a bastion of truth and freedom we need to clear the air around that.
Just thought I’d share. And people wonder why sometimes I get so cranky.

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